Let Me Help You Get Booked On Podcasts And Turn Targeted Visibility Into Paying Clients (for newbies and pros alike)!

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Announcing...Unlimited Laser Coaching!

During your laser coaching calls we will complete the below together and get you booked (done-for-you option available)

  • Find the podcasts where your ideal clients hang out
  • Write a Rock-n-Roll pitch to get the attention of your favorite podcast hosts  
  • Practice your interview with me so you are confident and ready 
  • Create an eye-catching media one-sheet DFY - added as BONUS ($297 value)
  • Send emails and messages (pitch process) to hosts asking for coveted guest spots
  • Craft your offer and call to action  

3 Month Laser Coaching Lab - JOIN US!

Let's Do This Together!

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Here's What You Get When You Join: 

  • A first call of 30 minutes to clarify your goals and priorities
  • Unlimited 15 minute coaching calls with me for 3 months  
  • Agreed upon homework on each call. This is "doable" homework so you stay accountable and moving forward 
  • A private Coaching Page with all your call recordings, notes, homework, and a link to schedule your next session once the homework is complete
  • Email access during the 3 months if you have questions or need help with my homework  
  • Guarantee: If after the first call, either of us feels like it’s not a good fit, the coaching is terminated and you'll get a full refund.

Media One-Sheet Professionally Designed Just For Joining - BONUS!

Media One-Sheet Layout Examples - not actual clients:

Got Questions?

Q. Is the coaching with you? Yes. All the coaching for this program will be with me directly. I love rolling up my sleeves and partnering with my clients. Let me know if interested in Done-For-You option. 

Q. What can we work on together? I’ve been helping coaches market themselves online for 8 years, and now focus on getting my clients booked on podcasts, where their ideal clients hang out. 

During your laser coaching calls (hand-holding available) we will help build your confidence and comfort level, get you up to speed on podcast guesting vocab, find the podcasts where your ideal clients hang out, create an eye-catching media one-sheet, write your unique and interesting pitch, get the attention of your favorite podcast host, craft your offer and call to action, and even practice your interview - we will do it together!  

Q. Is it truly unlimited? Yes, you can have a call with me on a Monday, do your homework that same day and schedule your next call that very same day. Truly unlimited coaching.  

Q. Is there a guarantee? Yes, if on our first 30 minute call either of us thinks it’s not a good fit, you’ll get a full refund.  

Q. What if I'm not ready to start? That's okay, you can sign up now and keep the coaching in your back pocket for when you’re ready (we start the 3 month clock when you have your first call). Although it's likely you’re more ready than you think - you just need some coaching on what to do first.  

Q. How long are the calls? Your first call is 30 minutes and each call thereafter is 15 minutes.  

Q. Is 15 minutes really enough for a coaching session? Absolutely. I’m a very focused person and will help you stay on track. You’ll be amazed at how much we accomplish during our calls!  

Q. How can I keep track of my progress? You’ll get a private Coaching Page in my membership lab with all your call recordings, notes, homework, and a link to schedule your next session once the homework is complete.  

Q. Is the homework super hard? Not at all. In fact, we’ll agree on the homework together.  

Q. What if I get stuck with the homework? Don’t worry. You’ll also get access to me by email during the 6 months if you have questions or need help with your homework.  

Q. What’s the investment? It’s just $497 for the full 3 months and your Podcast media-one sheet is included ($297 value). 

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Sheila delivered what she promised!

"Sheila booked me as a guest speaker on 4 podcasts. And as a result, I just received an email from someone who heard one of my podcast interviews and they booked a strategy call with me. Plus, I got booked as a guest on another podcast. I am so grateful for Sheila's help and reliability. If you want to be booked on podcasts, I highly recommend you hire Sheila!" 

- April Yvette // Meaningful Fame for Meaningful Impact

"How much time one needs to allocate for research, post, outreach & follow-up. Thank goodness for you, Sheila Galligan and your team doing what you love to do freeing others like me up to do what I love to do. Team work!"

- Terra Farrar  

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"Many Thanks! I started pitching just a few days back for the very first time. I didn’t wanted to wait any longer, or be perfect. Decided to put myself out there. Within a few hours of me posting I started getting booked almost immediately."

- Molika Gupta

 " I also posted my Pitch yesterday. Thank you for being innovative in teaching us how to pitch and get interviews. "  

- Sharon Davis Green

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Media One-Sheet Layout Examples - not actual clients:

About Sheila Galligan

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As Founder of Podcast Guesting Profits, Sheila Galligan pulls out her personal Rolodex, and books her clients on the most relevant and popular podcasts to reach their ideal audience. Sheila has helped hundreds of go-getter online entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and speakers amplify visibility, community, and sales through the power of being interviewed, since 2012.

250 global experts have been personally interviewed by Sheila (also grew list to 7,800 within 18 months) and has helped launch and manage Virtual Summits for top speakers such as Lisa Sasevich, and Alison McKenzie.

Sheila has booked herself on 60+ podcast shows in 2019 and shooting for 100+ shows in 2020. Sheila is the Founder of Summits Simplified, and most recently, Podcast Guesting Profits. www.sheilagalligan.com